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Luxury Stylish Craftsmanship

CALSA is the men’s trousers brand in Nagasaki, Japan. Originally, we are the factory specialized in trousers since 1970 in Nagasaki, Japan. For about 50 years, to fulfill the highly demands on quality and techniques from famous men’s suits manufacturers and major department stores home and abroad, we have tailored trousers with pride, passion and dedication. Based on the experience and highly techniques, we are pleased to launch our original trousers brand CALSA in 2017. The CALSA';s policy on the craftsmanship is against the fast fashion trend. For the highest-grade trousers, we spare a lot of time usually given up for the cost priority in the fast fashion. To satisfy you with elegant style and comfortable wearing, we have tailored trousers in our own factory by expert and skillful hands with entirely original sophisticated patterns, selected luxury fabrics, meticulous accessories, and traditional specifications.


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The Collection I20 @ PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO 97

CALSA NAGASAKI TROUSERS participates in the “Pitti Uomo” section

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